Yogi tips for what to wear to yoga class the first time

Yoga class is about connecting to your own body and practice. Wear what feels most alive to you. It's unlikely that anyone in your yoga class is judging what you wear - although they might ask where you got it! 

Black might seem slimming, but yoga makes us feel more comfortable with our bodies as we practice over time. We learn to love all the curves and the immense strength we embody. Whatever you love to wear, it's time to live your inner fantasy. Yoga is where you can truly be yourself.

When you choose yoga clothes, the most important thing is to feel comfortable. Choose textures and fabrics that won't distract you from reconnecting with your body and feeling fully present in the moment. 

What you feel comfortable in at yoga might evolve over time, and will change with the types of yoga you do. If you are going to yoga for the first time, and want some more guidance, here's a quick guide. 


1. Yoga tops

Find something supportive and fast drying to wick away sweat. Yoga can have lots of inversions, as well as endurance poses like downward dogs and planks. In these poses, baggy tops can get super annoying. 

A short top will help you stay cool during hot yoga. Stripping down to a Sports Bra is essential if it gets sweaty - just keep a loose singlet on hand if still care about modesty to and from class.

Whether you like a padded sports bra or not is up to you and your comfort level. Lots of yoga tops have intricate back straps - just check that the elastic isn't too thin and won't stretch after a few washes and will continue to give you the support you need class after class. 

2. Yoga Leggings

Yoga leggings are perfect for most yoga forms and especially Yin and restorative yoga where you want to stay warm. If your yoga practice is going to involve a lot of sweating, then you want yoga leggings that will wick away the moisture or have mesh panels or cut outs. 

You can still wear a full legging to a yoga workout - this is actually helpful if your intention is to sculpt your body. But they really aren't recommended for any kind of heated pratice whether the room temperature is raised. 

Check your yoga pants are squat proof, and are firm against your skin without being restrictive or tight.

A yoga capri is a nice option if leggings tend to gather around your ankles or you want to stay cool but aren't ready to bare the legs in shorts yet. 

3. Yoga shorts

These are probably the most comfortable option for a power or hot yoga class because they will keep you cool and comfortable and don't ride up in a squat. Pair them with a matching yoga top for a coordinated look. 

Yoga shorts are much like bike shorts and if you had of told me ten years ago I'd be wearing bike shorts in public I wouldn't have believed you. Do enough hot yoga classes though and you can't bear to wear anything more.

If the room isn't heated and you are doing restorative yoga, you might get a bit cold without a blanket. But they are perfect for hot yoga, power yoga and any kind of vinyasa flow.

Some yoga shorts are really more like glorified bikini bottoms. These are super sexy and freeing to wear, just make sure you feel comfortable even in boat pose, dancer, or a standing straddle. 

Whatever shorts you wear, you'll probably feel more confident if they are fitted. Leave your baggy shorts for the gym. 

4. Yoga Bodysuits & Swimwear

These are for the hardcore hot yogi. These come in long legged cat suits (for vinyasa) or more like a swimwear style for hot yoga. Yes, I've done yoga in bathers! And loved it!

The swimwear option is perfect for hot yoga, dance yoga, primal, or any kind of yoga by the beach.

Just check that they have enough coverage that you feel comfortable in all the yoga poses & or just keep them for use at home. Some yoga body suits come with a low cut aerobics look so you can wear them over a yoga top for increased support. 

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