Our Story

Are you drawn to wearning different colours on different days? How do you feel that?

Our mission at Yoga Pants Store is to help you match the perfect yoga outfit to your mood to enhance your daily experience of life, freedom of expression, and build your inner confidence.

Joy | Liberation | Creativity

Creator Akasha Rose started practising yoga in her twenties, including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Power, Bikram and Hatha. 


Alchemy of the Soul

Always drawn to fashion and design, when she went to pick her clothes, certain colours would just zing in her fingers and feel good on her body, and she didn't know why. 

Akasha's path led her to Rainbow Kids Yoga training and she felt first-hand the rekindling the inner child who is fully embodied in the present, alive with creativity,  and yearning for connection. 

Learning about the Chakra system, why her body felt drawn to different colours finally made sense. The way she intuitively boosted her chakras was to "grok" them. 


Authentic & Audacious

Akasha designs yoga wear at Yoga Pant Store to help you experience the full flourishing of your energy body, too. Becoming conscious of your energy body can help you feel more authentic in your relationships, and audacious as you connect to your infinite inner resources to build the life you want. 

Does wearing the rainbow help you feel more like your shining, thriving, original self, too? Reach out with your story to @yogatantrika on Instagram. Akasha would love to hear from you!